Saturday, August 29, 2009


Oh, Ive missed you bloggers so! Let me start off by just apologizing. I know I haven't been around much. There was just so much for me to do with summer winding down. I had to do some winter shopping (I'm always shopping out of season), get my checkups, then I spent a couple days with my aunt and uncle-I have the most adorable baby cousins everr. Well...I've just been busy, lets leave it at that. I will make it up to you though, scouts honor!
Its feels like so long since Ive updated, but I have been keeping up with some of your blogs and commenting-not as much, but I tried.

So there are so many things Ive had in my brain to say, Ill just put it all here in list formation.

1) I wanted to write about one of my favorite bloggesses(...?). She takes the best out
door pictures-this is amazing to me because sunlight has never done anything good for my skin, and wears just as much-if not more-black then I do, which is a hard to do. Anywho, Shes having a contest for a goodiebag of Norwegian fashion week things. (I've never been to Norway or anything but from the pictures those Norwegians can do it big) Check out, follow, and love her.

2) Its taken me so long and Ive been putting it off forever but I'm finally..tweeting? I think that is the correct pronunciation. I've never bothered with a personal twitter page and I was really forced to make one for the blog. I suppose I've just never been interested in reading about other people every day, day after day. Its not that I don't enjoy celebrities but...I never understood people who could slave away knowing everyone they're dating/feuding with. Ive always found it pointless considering you never have and probably never w
ill meet them...Am I being a realist or just a negative Nancy in this case? Oh, you know its up to all of you to keep me in line!

3) School is starting for me again-hectic hectic. But, that won't stop me too much, I am definitely going to be here, blogging my derriere off.

4) HUGS AND KISSES TO LEIA AND SHERIN AT HiFASHION! I was so thankful to win their contest for this Perricone MD stuff. (I checked the
'site and this little bottle would've run me $100!). Here's the exciting journey:

THE BOX!-it was a ghostly white thats why it
glows so much

Even the bubble-wrap is pink and frilly

The next box

FINALLY, the bottle!
so pretty and fancy-and tiny,only 2 oz!

I've only been using it for a couple days but I feel like my skin is a little smoother already!

5) I joined this great site called 'Lockerz'. It lets you win point and then you get great things! (They have iPods and even Marc by Marc Jacobs!) Oh and thank you to the lovely Jesenia for inviting me. Well I want to share this. I am able to invite up to 20 of you lovely ladies (or lads)-just send me an email address

PS: I have always loved the Kennedys and everything they've done for the country. So sad to hear Ted passed, I practically cried. Amazing family, men and women.

thats all for now bellas
hope everyones life is extraordinary

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I've never been crazy about skirts but for some reason they have been in every outfit of mine this summer, maybe just the weather, or own fashion evolution? No? I didn't think so...but since I love them-for now-I decided to do another lovely FYS on them.



try a-line skirts or any kind of straight cut that doesn't draw too much attention to the 'assets', and stick to light and flowy fabric so your not adding weight to your silhouette


try pencil skirts or something pleated to make you look a bit feminine and add curve (you're too lucky, yours is the body type that can handle really bold prints well!)


slitted skirts or wrap skirts give you a little..oompf, without being too 'va-va-va-voom'-which of course is the key for us hourglasses.


three words for you apple-straight, straight, straight! Straight skirts, not super tight, are essential for your shape.

thank you guys for all of the pleasant feedback on the FYSs.
Let me know if I should keep them coming, or if there is a piece you would like to see.
I only aim to please.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the motherland

Ive learned a lot from you other bloggers out there and found a lot of different styles and people. One of the best parts is finding people who you have things in common with, like my fellow African blogesses. (shout to Diane, I love her style) Since some of you guys are so outright of your background, it made me feel crappy about not doing more to display mine. So decided to belt one of my (sister's) old outfits and wear it was a dress (this is actually a top that's supposed to be worn with pants, but the pants weren't that cute)

In other news, I went thrifting again a couple days ago and found this amazing wet seal dress, luckily it was half price so I got it for $2.50. Can't wait to wear it.

(Sorry, bad picture, it looks better on me)

I thought this picture was ridiculously amazing, check it

(cute, right?)

Super excited, my bestest friend who I havent seen in forever is coming to see me, Ill try to post some more this week+weekend!


Saturday, August 8, 2009


speaking of which-I am so already in love with the big belt I bought yesterday
There are so many ways I plan on wearing it, including my birthday-which is months away ha
anywayy, I really need your guys help!
(in case you couldn't tell from my title-does anyone else love that old people commercial?)
I tye-dyed this shirt like a week ago and I still have no idea how to wear it
its a bit of a crop top because it hits above the hips
suggestions please?!?


Friday, August 7, 2009

Your never fully dressed without a smile

Hello my darlingss,
My feet were killing me today, but I'm still happy.
So today as soon as I woke up, which is actually pretty early for me around 10 somethin', I went thrifting
And I walked-warning: never walk anywhere in gladiators
but it was soooo worth it.

I got a pair of denim shorty-shorts-not that short (American Rag)
A cute, fluffy blouse (Isaac Mizrahi for Target)
A white button-down (which is actually maternity but i plan to tuck it a lot)
This bag-larger than appears
This cute braid-y belt (Abercrombie&Fitch-grabbed it for $2!!!)

And Matilda (BEST MOVIE EVERRR, never find VHS anymore)

Want to know how much?
$10 total-i kid you not
I was so lucky all the blouses were 2 for $3, and pants are always $2
I was also really happy to get this bag because id been drooling over some f21 bags for so long but didn't want to shell out $30 (Yes, I am that cheap sometimes)
So I got this tote/purse thing for $1.50!-bags were 1/2 off today!
Its great because I can put some papers and school stuff in there, but use it as a purse too
happy, happy, happy!
what are your favorite deals?

On a dumber note, I just came across this on someones blog
apparently Eminem claimed to have 'hit' Mariah Carey a while ago
Mimi denies the hook-up, Eminem gets mad and retaliates
then Mariah impersonates E in her new music video 'obsessed'
and E came out with this in reply
Its so stupid, just because you have a lot of time on your hands doesn't mean you do this
People don't realize you could just die any day, ya know?
Hakuna matata, carpe Diem, and CHUG
those are my mottoes ha!

Anyway, me and my sissy are doing breakfast and shopping tomorrow-our favorite combo
I'm so excited
so I wish you all a good weekend

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oops, I did it again

I played with your heart
got lost in the game-oh baby baby
oh, sorry, I got caught up in that...
sorry, I haven't posted in a while guys
I've been so busy-Ive been running around so much Ive lost 4 pounds
but I digress;
So, as you can tell from le title, I did it again. THIS \/

TO this\/

remixxxed another shorts/skirt..thing..
So I ran into a little money, nothing store worthy, but I'm thinking about going thrifting tomorrow
fingers crossed I find some cuties (I'm always in the men's section, ha)
anyway, I'm so appreciative of the sudden feedback
its like everytime I get on someone has commented
and its really cool because I am just so much more in love with some of your blogs and styles than mine.
so thanks, and whatever you guys want to see, just say the word


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


WHO: Old shorts found around house
WHAT: Made into a skirt
It started out like this-in corral....



It was raining cats&dogs yesterday evening-living in the south means you get used to hurricane season-so I decided to do a project. It took me around 3 hours but I finally finished it. You can kind of see the white thread a) because I don't go around buying corral thread really and 2) I sewed the whole thing by hand. Yes, I do all my DIYs by hand because I don't own a sewing machine and would end up killing myself if I ever attempted to operate one. It was actually very easy; all you need is scissors, holding tape (thats what that grey thing is in the picture up there), and a needle (and thread of course, duh). Don't mind the ugly shirt I was just taking pictures to show you the skirt. Ill make a real outfit of this skirt later-ciao bellas.


Monday, August 3, 2009


happy monday!
I can't make a real post-post right now, sorry.
I'm about to go babysitting (3 day gig for rich folk=$$$)
I'm actually running a little late right now...
so since I'm not wearing anything worth posting I thought I could share some better outfits with you guys.
new favorite male line!

WHAT: Spring/Summer 2010-Cuba
WHERE: look book
What are your guys favs?

Sunday, August 2, 2009



I went shoe shopping today!
Sounds regular to you, but this is like a huge semi-annual event for me.
these are the one of the pairs I got,

(I know it took me a while to get a good pair of gladiators, but I did.)

I was on a creative kick today.
One time, when I was probably 8, I went to this cute Indian restaurant and had the best batch of rice pudding.
Since I don't even know how to use books anymore, I went on the WWW to find out how to make it.
And since it was like midnight, I tried to do half the size of the recipe...without a measuring cup.
Needless to say, Its HORRIBLE.
Anyone know a better recipe for it, ha?
but that's okay, I'm just sticking to eggs ass my midnight snack.

hope you guys had a great day