Tuesday, July 14, 2009

10 Must Haves

Okay, I've sort of been on hiatus because I'm currently spending the week at my aunt and uncle's abode. Spending time with my cousins is my favorite-besides the diapers. Anyway, my apologies for not updating daily-for goodness sakes the word daily is in my title. But good has actually come from it. We went out to get ice cream the other day, and what do I keep seeing walk in the place? Women with too much color, clashing patterns, or things that their bodies just couldn't pull off. I know everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends but sometimes its better to be chic than shameless. So I'm going to run through some things you just can NOT go wrong with. These are the must haves of your closet-mix and match these to make hundreds of looks. Wont you be turning heads miss 'I-get-out-of-bed-looking-like-this'?

Dark wash jeans are just..DUH! Everyone needs a pair. They are universally flattering, no matter what body type you have. Plus they can can be worn with a blouse, with a tank, with heels, with sandals, with flats.....on and on and on. And you don't just have to stop at one pair!Try a skinny, a flare, bootcut, mid-rise, low-rise. I mean, do the possibilities EVER end on this one? Bottom line-get some today.

DKNY Avenue B rubbed raw wash; Macy's stores-$34.99

Cardigans are amazing.
dress it up, dress it down, whatever.
Get it in the basic colors (by basics, I mean, black, white,
gray, or navy) so that it goes with all your style changes.

Ribbed over sized pocket cardigan;
American Apparel stores-$39.50

I don't care what you wear but every woman needs a cocktail dress. Put this dress over leggings and pair it with heels for Sunday best chic. Or wear it with a cute pair of flats for date night. As long as you look great in it, it doesn't matter if you spend $500 or $50. ( Hint: black isn't always attractive, most people find red to be the most attractive dress color, so go for something bold-but always elegant dahhling)

Carly embroidered dress; Forever 21 stores-$27.80

Always have a long sleeved T. New York to Hawaii, every woman should have one. Again, this is something to dress up or down. Oh and got that favorite summer dress you cant stand to tuck away? Throw it over a long sleeve and wear it right into fall. Aren't you just fiieeerce?

Sheer jersey long sleeve
American Apparel stores-$26

You just cant go wrong here. Its not possible.

Kira Batternburg tank;Pacsun stores-$16.50

Plain and simple this bag allows you to carry everything in it, plus it goes with every outfit.

Red by Marc Ecko; Macy's stores-$50.99

Absolutely in love with these (I've got a pair in tan and navy-shhh). They go great with a top and flats, but super business-woman-chic at the same. Wearing these everybody will know you are just a fashionista force to be reckoned with. Hey, I would've voted for Hillary if she had been in these babys.

'Relaxed chino'; American eagle stores-$39.50

Again dress up, dress down. They are amazing. Don't ever doubt the usefulness and versatility of a fresh polo.

Ralph Lauren polo;select stores-$35

This is just obvious.

white fitted shirt; Gap stores-$44

10) Statement Necklace
Jewelry can take an outfit to a completely different level. And a chunky necklace is the creme-De-la-creme of all jewelry. (Maybe throw it on over a LONG SLEEVE for one of those days that you don't feel like getting dressed)

3-charm necklace;Forever 21 stores-$4.80

The posts are just subjects that I'm inspired by, I like to just have fun with them.
but if someone wants me to cover something specifically, just ask.
(and thanks for the feedback I'm already getting)
I only aim to please.

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