Sunday, September 27, 2009

The only thing we share is the same sky...

Outfit from earlier this week (sorry for always posting late lately) I felt so professional, I almost never wear button downs. Does anyone else think I do the same mannequin pose everytime? Hmm...Ill practice my posing for next post.

top-thrifted $1.50
skirt-pac sun $4
cardi-AE $10
shoes-CR $18

I thrifted this shirt a while ago and i was thoroughly in love with the colors at first sight. but it was from the mens big and tall section to i was like oh maybe i could make it a dress-type thing but its too short. Id love to just follow delightfully tacky in the theme of plaid+black leather but i suppose i
d have to find a pleather skirt
somewhere before I could do that....any suggestions?

Wow, wow, wow. I adore Nylon and I honestly couldn't believe they put Megan Fox on the cover-I worship her so I was super excited-but when I really-really looked through the mag, I thought it was a huge mistake. Megan is hot, like H-A-W-T. Which is why is why I could see how out of place she was in the whole layered-studded spread, since shes usually in slinky black number. Even her smiles were all 'come-hither-im-a-vixen'. Nylon, I love you. Megan, I adore you. but please don't mix again.

And on another 'wow' note. Versace resort=fab. Ive really only noted Versace as being the gown, but it was such a cute collection I had to look through the entire thing. Very girly and colorful and minimalist all together!

oh, and im using chrome
so if my posts look wierd to firefox/IE users, let me know and ill fix it.
any favorites from milan?
I feel like we never converse anymore....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Can I make it up to you?

I'm sorry I haven't been around much my dears. Ive been battling a cold-yess I keep getting sick, my immune system is on holiday this season. Luckily, I have been able to log on and comment on some of the lovely people I follow-not that what I say really matters. I'm trying people, dont attack me. Anywho, I thought Id just put up a few of my outfits of these past couple days that have been sitting on my camera, waiting to be uploaded. (Oh, and I'm sorry for the quality I just now figured out how to use the focus and Ive been too busy to take more than a few snapshots. I tried to pick out the best ones.)

polo&cardi-American Eagle ~$10 each
belt-Ralph Lauren (gift)

I loves polos and I have a dozen because they were all I used to wear, now I'm trying to find ways to dress em up a bit

top-f21 $4
skinnys-$16 Hot Topic

I got this top scavenging the clearance racks at f21 and i love it-the scoop back makes it more than just a T.

blazer-thrifted $2.50
tie-dye tee-DIY
rosary-free(christian thrift store)

This is the t I tye-dyed earlier and couldn't figure out how to wear it. I just paired it with my favorite skinnys and threw on a rosary-for some reason i haven't felt like getting dressed lately....

cardi-American Eagle again

I'm in love with the sailor striped but i have none, just this one striped shirt I try to play up-sad.

Okay, Can we talk about Proenza? Yes, we must. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it. The color, wraps, nature inspiration.s I have to say my favorite-and if you can tear my eye away from my Madonna-Marc-and my long lost mother-Carolina Herrera-you mustve done something right. Now if only Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez would adopt me, my life would be complete...sigh...

So who else are you darling in love with after their shows?
Its been a while since we've talked
keep in touch

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hopefully not!
im sorry ive been so absent my darling, ive been killing myself for school. so hopefully ill be able to at least update on the weekends.
allow me to catch you up on a few outfits?
top- old ~$10
scarf- Charlotte Russe .99
moccasins (not pictured)-Rack Room shoes
I love this scarf. its so orange and brown and....tye-dyeish!

black top-Target
belt- Ralph Lauren (gift from mommy)
black flats (not pictured)-Charlotte Russe

I didn't feel like being creative this day

Top: thrifted $1.50
shorts: thrifted $2
gladiators: Rack Room shoes

Theres something I love about flowy white and gladiators-maybe the Roman thing?

now that we have that boring junk out of the way, on to things more people really care about-FASHION WEEK! Okay, I cant exactly claim that Ive been or even been following it that closely (I'm a student people give me a break!) but Ive seen a couple shows and there's way too many good one for me to put them all here but ill put le creme of le crop.

From left to right-Cushie at Ochs; Rag&Bone; Christian Siriano; Jason Wu

A few after thoughts...
1)Band of Outsiders, one word, WOW. Amazing, amazing, amazing. The look is something I could always wear (but never afford)
2) Jason Wu....How does he do it. He could literally dig out a potato sack and transform it into an amazing dress. Ohhh, that I might wear ye potato sack...sighhh
3)Monique Lhullier, my new favorite. There's a vibe about her. Her look was very sophisticated while still veryy young and fresh-and she actually used fedoras-I would wear it!

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the other shows
what have been your favorites darlings?

Friday, September 4, 2009

Collars, collars, everywhere

top-actually this dress
skirt-$5 Pacsun sale
gladiators-$2_ rack room

I wanted to wear this dress before it got all 'officially' fall. I'm so in love with the ruffly, lacy collar, its really the only reason I bought it. but..the dress is white...and white is never really amazing on my bum-to be quite blunt, so I just put on this skirt I got on clearance. It sounds a little conceited to say but, I just love it when people complimented me on my outfit. It just brightens my day, especially on days when I'm feeling all conscious, I'm only human after all. Anyway, I've been really busy lately so I'm sorry I'm not posting every day or every other but I'm getting in the habit of twittering-so just look out for a tweet almost every day or so.

PS-I'm so proud of myself for finally venturing into the great outdoors for my pictures, I have to say its been better picture quality-great natural lighting-and I couldn't have done it without the fearlessness of some of you guys, you made me take the step haha, thank you!

PPS-Id liek to remind people that I still have a couple spots open at lockerz, the site to get free stuff like mark jacobs that I mentioned before, so if you would like one, send me an email adress!

Anyway, what brave steps have you darlings been taking?
keep in touch please.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two for one special

top-thrifted $1.50
black shirt-JCpenney ~$10
jeans-target ??
moccasins-rack room $20
necklace and satchel-gifts

This is the first time I wore these shoes and I fell in love. I felt like Pocahontas all day! I saw it was going to rain so I just wanted an outfit that would come in handy if it started coming down whenever-but of course it didn't. I also love my bag, it says 'Ecuador', my Latina amiga got it for me when she went home a while ago but i just started embracing it. It has a very cute look to it no?

top-JCpenney $10
skirt-another remixx from shorts
cardigan- AE $30
shoes-Charlotte Rouse $18

Please tell me I'm not crazy for loving this fabric. It came from a pair of my father's old pants and I was just like 'this is wayyy too good to waste' so I chopped them up and resewed them. I didn't even feel like getting dressed this morning so I just threw it on with a cardigan.

I wasn't that sad over the end of summer until today-its cold, noooooooo! I'm just naturally cold blooded and even though its still in the 70s and 80s where I am but theres a wind and its ruining my desire for skirts and bare legs. Guess you don't know what you got until its gone right? I suppose soon Ill be having to invest in a good pair of tight unless I want to wear pants all fall/winter.

Hope fall-eww-is great for everyone