Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hopefully not!
im sorry ive been so absent my darling, ive been killing myself for school. so hopefully ill be able to at least update on the weekends.
allow me to catch you up on a few outfits?
top- old ~$10
scarf- Charlotte Russe .99
moccasins (not pictured)-Rack Room shoes
I love this scarf. its so orange and brown and....tye-dyeish!

black top-Target
belt- Ralph Lauren (gift from mommy)
black flats (not pictured)-Charlotte Russe

I didn't feel like being creative this day

Top: thrifted $1.50
shorts: thrifted $2
gladiators: Rack Room shoes

Theres something I love about flowy white and gladiators-maybe the Roman thing?

now that we have that boring junk out of the way, on to things more people really care about-FASHION WEEK! Okay, I cant exactly claim that Ive been or even been following it that closely (I'm a student people give me a break!) but Ive seen a couple shows and there's way too many good one for me to put them all here but ill put le creme of le crop.

From left to right-Cushie at Ochs; Rag&Bone; Christian Siriano; Jason Wu

A few after thoughts...
1)Band of Outsiders, one word, WOW. Amazing, amazing, amazing. The look is something I could always wear (but never afford)
2) Jason Wu....How does he do it. He could literally dig out a potato sack and transform it into an amazing dress. Ohhh, that I might wear ye potato sack...sighhh
3)Monique Lhullier, my new favorite. There's a vibe about her. Her look was very sophisticated while still veryy young and fresh-and she actually used fedoras-I would wear it!

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the other shows
what have been your favorites darlings?


  1. The Jason Wu lines and Christian Sirano were my two favorites. Very nice!

  2. love the scarf and the bright orange skirt! hot!

  3. I love your third outfit. Very cute.

  4. Adore your scarf!
    I'm loving Jason Wu.


  5. haha, thank you! I like your second outfit!


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