Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two for one special

top-thrifted $1.50
black shirt-JCpenney ~$10
jeans-target ??
moccasins-rack room $20
necklace and satchel-gifts

This is the first time I wore these shoes and I fell in love. I felt like Pocahontas all day! I saw it was going to rain so I just wanted an outfit that would come in handy if it started coming down whenever-but of course it didn't. I also love my bag, it says 'Ecuador', my Latina amiga got it for me when she went home a while ago but i just started embracing it. It has a very cute look to it no?

top-JCpenney $10
skirt-another remixx from shorts
cardigan- AE $30
shoes-Charlotte Rouse $18

Please tell me I'm not crazy for loving this fabric. It came from a pair of my father's old pants and I was just like 'this is wayyy too good to waste' so I chopped them up and resewed them. I didn't even feel like getting dressed this morning so I just threw it on with a cardigan.

I wasn't that sad over the end of summer until today-its cold, noooooooo! I'm just naturally cold blooded and even though its still in the 70s and 80s where I am but theres a wind and its ruining my desire for skirts and bare legs. Guess you don't know what you got until its gone right? I suppose soon Ill be having to invest in a good pair of tight unless I want to wear pants all fall/winter.

Hope fall-eww-is great for everyone


  1. I love that white shirt. And the patern on that skirt is amazing! so fun and colorful :)

  2. Cute, cute outfits, love the skirt and the print, is super nice!
    Hope you're doing fine:)


  3. Pretty cool! Hope you find awesome tights!


  4. i'm feeling the first look. laid back and casual yet chic :)


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