Saturday, August 29, 2009


Oh, Ive missed you bloggers so! Let me start off by just apologizing. I know I haven't been around much. There was just so much for me to do with summer winding down. I had to do some winter shopping (I'm always shopping out of season), get my checkups, then I spent a couple days with my aunt and uncle-I have the most adorable baby cousins everr. Well...I've just been busy, lets leave it at that. I will make it up to you though, scouts honor!
Its feels like so long since Ive updated, but I have been keeping up with some of your blogs and commenting-not as much, but I tried.

So there are so many things Ive had in my brain to say, Ill just put it all here in list formation.

1) I wanted to write about one of my favorite bloggesses(...?). She takes the best out
door pictures-this is amazing to me because sunlight has never done anything good for my skin, and wears just as much-if not more-black then I do, which is a hard to do. Anywho, Shes having a contest for a goodiebag of Norwegian fashion week things. (I've never been to Norway or anything but from the pictures those Norwegians can do it big) Check out, follow, and love her.

2) Its taken me so long and Ive been putting it off forever but I'm finally..tweeting? I think that is the correct pronunciation. I've never bothered with a personal twitter page and I was really forced to make one for the blog. I suppose I've just never been interested in reading about other people every day, day after day. Its not that I don't enjoy celebrities but...I never understood people who could slave away knowing everyone they're dating/feuding with. Ive always found it pointless considering you never have and probably never w
ill meet them...Am I being a realist or just a negative Nancy in this case? Oh, you know its up to all of you to keep me in line!

3) School is starting for me again-hectic hectic. But, that won't stop me too much, I am definitely going to be here, blogging my derriere off.

4) HUGS AND KISSES TO LEIA AND SHERIN AT HiFASHION! I was so thankful to win their contest for this Perricone MD stuff. (I checked the
'site and this little bottle would've run me $100!). Here's the exciting journey:

THE BOX!-it was a ghostly white thats why it
glows so much

Even the bubble-wrap is pink and frilly

The next box

FINALLY, the bottle!
so pretty and fancy-and tiny,only 2 oz!

I've only been using it for a couple days but I feel like my skin is a little smoother already!

5) I joined this great site called 'Lockerz'. It lets you win point and then you get great things! (They have iPods and even Marc by Marc Jacobs!) Oh and thank you to the lovely Jesenia for inviting me. Well I want to share this. I am able to invite up to 20 of you lovely ladies (or lads)-just send me an email address

PS: I have always loved the Kennedys and everything they've done for the country. So sad to hear Ted passed, I practically cried. Amazing family, men and women.

thats all for now bellas
hope everyones life is extraordinary


  1. Hi, sweetheart! Thank you so much for participating, and for the nice things you said about me! You are too kind!

    Congrats on the win from HiFashion, too!

    Hugs <3

  2. Good to see you back. I hope you get more out of Twitter than I have - it hasn't exactly revolutionised my internet life (yet)

  3. I was also so very saddened to see the last Kennedy brother go, although Teddy's end was much less tragic than the others. They did amazing things for the people of this country, from civil rights to health care reform.

  4. Such an interesting post... provokes many thoughtsx

  5. I love the pink bubble wrap. It really is the little details that can sell me on a brand. I would LOOOOVEEE if you could invite me to lockerz. My e-mail if

    thanks for the comment on my blog :)



  6. Oh No! You've joined the "Evil" Twitter! I don't understand what's all the fuss about it anyway! Don't we all have something like that already? xxoxoxo

  7. I am so glad you liked the Perricone prize. Well done for inning it.

  8. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.



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