Sunday, September 27, 2009

The only thing we share is the same sky...

Outfit from earlier this week (sorry for always posting late lately) I felt so professional, I almost never wear button downs. Does anyone else think I do the same mannequin pose everytime? Hmm...Ill practice my posing for next post.

top-thrifted $1.50
skirt-pac sun $4
cardi-AE $10
shoes-CR $18

I thrifted this shirt a while ago and i was thoroughly in love with the colors at first sight. but it was from the mens big and tall section to i was like oh maybe i could make it a dress-type thing but its too short. Id love to just follow delightfully tacky in the theme of plaid+black leather but i suppose i
d have to find a pleather skirt
somewhere before I could do that....any suggestions?

Wow, wow, wow. I adore Nylon and I honestly couldn't believe they put Megan Fox on the cover-I worship her so I was super excited-but when I really-really looked through the mag, I thought it was a huge mistake. Megan is hot, like H-A-W-T. Which is why is why I could see how out of place she was in the whole layered-studded spread, since shes usually in slinky black number. Even her smiles were all 'come-hither-im-a-vixen'. Nylon, I love you. Megan, I adore you. but please don't mix again.

And on another 'wow' note. Versace resort=fab. Ive really only noted Versace as being the gown, but it was such a cute collection I had to look through the entire thing. Very girly and colorful and minimalist all together!

oh, and im using chrome
so if my posts look wierd to firefox/IE users, let me know and ill fix it.
any favorites from milan?
I feel like we never converse anymore....


  1. The checkered pattern and colours are adorable!
    I love the way you express these ideas, there great, hope you can check mine out sometime

  2. I definitely practice poses in front of a mirror. And I still end up with the same set of poses. But it's the clothes that matter - and these are fabulous!

  3. yeah. maybe im just crazy. but i really needed a new start. we'll see how it goes and if i end up regretting it. but thanks for the support!

  4. Love the clothes! :)

  5. love the skirt! Fab thrifting finds. I love vintage!


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