Saturday, October 3, 2009

My brown-eyed girl

Hello my darlings, its been a while, I feel like theres so much to say but now trying to write it all down, my head is empty
so my week was hectic and busy. surprise, surprise, I know.
Today I slept late-until 10 which is late compared to weekdays-and baked a nice cake with chocolate frosting and dreamt of boys and took pictures and watched football and did all the things a girl should do on a warm afternoon relaxing.
Ive had non stop stuff to do this week, I can barely even get 8 hours in a night, which is really horrible because I'm not one of those people that can wake up from 5 hours and even function.

Ive also developed a love of brown and moccasins and all things earthy this week.
I think its because, for some reason, most of my belts are brown.
Not to mention Ive been living in my moccasins, we've gotten our first wave of autumn in the south, a ridiculous 70 degrees-burrrr!

chictopia girls, Mary Kate, and Jessica Szohr all enjoy their dose of leather footwear too.

dress-CR $4
belt-cant remember....
moccasins-rack room shoes

I love these pictures. The one above was me rushing to get in place before the flash went off and I love the shadows on my hands and I took this next picture in my sisters room-whose window actually brings in sunlight unlike mine. Hopefully my pictures will keep improving for you guys.

(PS: Have you seen Agyness Deyn's new hair You might feel differently, but I for one think its...for lack of a better word B-A-D. I'm all for free expression And will this affect her career? I mean isn't this kind of thing hard to work with for some designers? I don't know...just saying.)
Thank you all for the visits and comments
I check all the time even if I'm not updating everyday anymore


  1. These pictures are great! And I am really loving moccasins too lately... Must go purchase some now!

  2. love your outfit and yummmmm chocolate cake!!! you just made my mouth water ;)

  3. i'm going to have to find a way to recreate this look with some of my own pieces. really liking the effortless sophistication and the contrasting colors.

  4. Lovely dress !

  5. ohoooh i love this look alot!

  6. Yummy chocolate cake!! Lovely outfit!

  7. really really like this on you :)

    I'm a new follower!


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