Saturday, October 10, 2009

T-shirts, t-shirts, read all about 'em

T-shirts are so basic, they should be so easy to pick out right?
but Ive noticed that some women must have a really hard time with something like this, even I as a particularly..'gifted' young lady have trouble with this.
And one, or two I should say, of the biggest reasons that t-shirt doesnt fit right are men's best friend.
You know, the globes, 3rd base, love pillows, whatever you call them, we have them and they can make outfits better, or so much worse.
Anyway to cut to the chase, I thought I could do a mini-guide on T shopping for your, ahem, little blessings.

Small to Regular Bust
(probably A/B)
-high necks and asymmetrical necklines broaden the shoulders and create the illusion of a larger bust.
-Printed tees are also flattering for small chests.
-try sleeveless shirts. Women with small chests tend to have slimmer arms so the goal is to draw attention to them and away from the chest.
WARNING: Avoid low scoop-neck tops or deep V-neck tops with three-quarter sleeves. They accentuate bony chests and draw attention to your, lack of, assets The V acts as an arrow to the ladies and the sleeves accentuate small arms.

Regular to Full Bust
  • (probably a C/D)
    -scoop necks and V-necks break up the expanse of the chest area and draw attention away from your bust.
    -stick with solid colors.
    -cap sleeve, long sleeve and three-quarter sleeves camouflage larger arms that sometimes accompany larger chests.
    WARNING: high, round neck and square neck T-shirts make full busts look like one bulky mass. Also avoid sleeveless and oversized T-shirts, enhance your curves don't try to hide them, you'll look sloppy

Anyway dears heres an outfit I wore one day this week.

top-sisters $?
cardi-American Eagle Outfitters sale $10
jeans-Sear's sale $5
belt-found around house $?
moccasins-rack room shoes ~$30

I was extremely tired and needed to wear these new jeans so I pretty much based my outfit on these two elements.
I feel so bad that im restricted to posting on weekends.
I wish I had time to post all my inspiration and outfits and how-tos,
but, sadly, education and life get in the way.
Soon Ill be off to culinary school (hopefully) and that is all I can anticipate lately.

On another note, Ive always heard of chictopia but never even went to the website.
I finally got to check it out this week and I really love it

so,drumroll, I finally got around to setting up my account
its just starting out, im not an icon yet-and probably never will be
but if youd like to offer some support please click

Please let me know if these help you because Im not sure if you guys want more or you want to ban these from my blog.
Im always open to feedback i guess?


  1. Great advice - the perfect tee is SUCH an important staple :)

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the advice, it definitely helps me out!

  3. I like your shoes :) And how you put the belt over your cardigan :)

  4. I love how your belt off-sets the color blocking in your outfit...really cute :D


  5. This is a great the belt!!

  6. well arent you a good shopper

  7. love the belt! and thanks for the comment.

  8. Awesome tips! Sometimes you only need to change the cut of a garment to give your figure and outfit that extra boost.

    Love the new jeans!


  9. Well written and thoughtful advice, sweet. Comprehensive and concise, which isn't exactly the norm with every other fashion blog. Keep it up


  10. great t-shirt primer! re: the embellishment how-to, stay tuned:) thx for visiting - xo

  11. Thank you for some great advice :) I love chictopia too; I'm barkatt there, if you want to check it out!

    And last but not least: Thank you very much for commenting my blog, CC - you're always so kind to me!

  12. Cute outfit, I like your belt :)

  13. love how your belt off-sets the color blocking in your outfit...

    see through lingerie


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