Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hasn't anyone ever told you 4 heads are better than 1?

American Eagle summer cardigan
39.50 %100 cotton

I have just fallen in love with this cardigan since I got it last week and had a total brainstorm last night when I was trying to throw an outfit together really fast before I went out. One staple-like this beautiful cardi-that you can wear a million different ways and with whatever style your rockin'. (Since my battery was low and none of my friends agreed to model, a million dwindled down to about four, sorry!)

This is a great look for summer. Solids are always safe but i would add something bright, like my yellow shorts, to make you stand out, in a good way. Gladiators and a little messy hair will top off the vibe.

YMI color collection denim twil shorts in 'bright yellow'-$19.99
American Apparel sheer rib racerback tank in 'navy'-$22


This look would be great to wear for a laid-back school/work related event. It's professional and doesn't show skin, but won't turn you into a frump-girl. I would give you an A+.

American Apparel unisex fine jersey in 'white'-$14
Hollister Co 'Breakwall' twill pants in 'dark navy'-$39.50


This outfit is great for just going out with friends or catching a movie. And the great thing? Any shoe choice will work. Flip flops, Sperrys, a good pair of kicks.

American Apparel baby rib camisole in 'white'-$14
Hydraulic distressed light wash jeans-$55

If you like being a bit quirky sometimes, a novelty tee is the perfect way to express it. Throw on some heels (or flats) and your good to go.

Social Collision tripp ultra skinny jeans in 'black'-$39
Superbad novelty tee-$15

Hope this was helpful,
I only aim to please


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