Friday, August 7, 2009

Your never fully dressed without a smile

Hello my darlingss,
My feet were killing me today, but I'm still happy.
So today as soon as I woke up, which is actually pretty early for me around 10 somethin', I went thrifting
And I walked-warning: never walk anywhere in gladiators
but it was soooo worth it.

I got a pair of denim shorty-shorts-not that short (American Rag)
A cute, fluffy blouse (Isaac Mizrahi for Target)
A white button-down (which is actually maternity but i plan to tuck it a lot)
This bag-larger than appears
This cute braid-y belt (Abercrombie&Fitch-grabbed it for $2!!!)

And Matilda (BEST MOVIE EVERRR, never find VHS anymore)

Want to know how much?
$10 total-i kid you not
I was so lucky all the blouses were 2 for $3, and pants are always $2
I was also really happy to get this bag because id been drooling over some f21 bags for so long but didn't want to shell out $30 (Yes, I am that cheap sometimes)
So I got this tote/purse thing for $1.50!-bags were 1/2 off today!
Its great because I can put some papers and school stuff in there, but use it as a purse too
happy, happy, happy!
what are your favorite deals?

On a dumber note, I just came across this on someones blog
apparently Eminem claimed to have 'hit' Mariah Carey a while ago
Mimi denies the hook-up, Eminem gets mad and retaliates
then Mariah impersonates E in her new music video 'obsessed'
and E came out with this in reply
Its so stupid, just because you have a lot of time on your hands doesn't mean you do this
People don't realize you could just die any day, ya know?
Hakuna matata, carpe Diem, and CHUG
those are my mottoes ha!

Anyway, me and my sissy are doing breakfast and shopping tomorrow-our favorite combo
I'm so excited
so I wish you all a good weekend


  1. Cute buys lucky girl! And I love Matilda, it is such a great movie :) And yeah, eminem is a dumbass

  2. I love Matilda! I really want to watch it now :)

    xx Leia


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